Hi, I’m Malavika Raghavan.

I made this page to tell you about my research and what I care about.

I like to re-imagine things (including myself)

My current intellectual work focuses on the impacts of digitisation on our lives in India.

Since the majority of my compatriots make less than Rs. 10,000 (˜USD 132) a month, I am pre-occupied with how people with scarce resources in India are using technology and how it impacts their lives: as citizens, consumers and individuals in a community.

My Linkedin profile says I’m a lawyer & inter-disciplinary researcher working on Data Protection & Privacy, Inclusion, Technology and Consumer Protection in Finance.

My Twitter bio says I care about data, finance, power, poverty & inequality in India.

This morning, I woke up and still agreed with both those descriptions. 🙂 They are always evolving and subject to change in the constant breaking and re-making of everyday life.

 Photo by Regiane Tosatti from Pexels
Photo by Regiane Tosatti from Pexels