Speaking Engagements

A selection of my recent talks and public engagements are listed on this page.

Responsible Algorithms for Inclusive Finance (October 2020)

As part of the Center for Financial Inclusion’s 2020 Financial Inclusion Week, I joined an excellent panel with data scientist Dillon Gardner (Apollo Agriculture), Researcher Louis Graham (Busara Centre for Behavioural Economics) and Thea Anderson (Omidyar Network) to discuss consumer protection and innovation in a world of algorithmically-driven finance.

Trust, Privacy and Unheard Voices in India (August 2020)

I had the pleasure of being interviewed for the Trust Exercise Podcast, hosted by the brilliant Dr. Katharine Kemp who is leading the University of New South Wales’ Grand Challenge on Trust. We talked about life in Mumbai during the pandemic; financial inclusion and building trust among vulnerable communities; how simply owning and using a mobile phone can affect a woman’s reputation; whether people in remote, rural India really care about their privacy or simply trust institutions to do what’s right; and briefly about what #DalitLivesMatter means.

Building India’s Digital Highways: The Potential of Open Digital Ecosystems (August 2020)

I joined a panel hosted by Omidyar Network India & the Boston Consulting Group as part of the launch event for their report on Open Digital Ecosystems. The report’s vision is echoed in the Indian Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology’s Strategy for National Open Digital Ecosystems which creates huge data sharing infrastructures, raising many thorny questions for data governance in India.